CSGA Cybersecurity Incident Response Team

Cyber Security Global Alliance (CSGA)s - Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CSGA-CSIRT) helps SMBs and Enterprise Corporations to work through current cyber-attacks that are happening against most companies today.

CSGA-CSIRT provides online digital response and communications through cyber defense, building awareness on through webinars and business events that help people to stay safe.

black and gray laptop computer turned on
black and gray laptop computer turned on

CSGA Cyber Task Force helped us strengthen our security measures and protect our sensitive data.

CSGA Cybersecurity Incident Response Team Services

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black iphone 5 beside brown framed eyeglasses and black iphone 5 c

We are extremely satisfied with the services provided by CSGA Cyber Task Force. Highly recommended!

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Thanks to CSGA Cyber Task Force, our business is now well-equipped to prevent cyber attacks.

About Us

Founded in 2022, Cyber Security Global Alliance (CSGA)'s Cyber Task Force is an active coalition designed to work with law enforcement, intelligence organizations, government agencies, and cyber insurance companies to prevent digital risk before it strikes. CSGA Cyber Task Force is on a mission to provide security for all and create a safe digital economy where everyone can thrive. CSGA Cyber Task Force provides cyber, executive risks, and cyber insurance policies paired with active risk assessment and monitoring technology to help small and medium-sized organizations protect themselves in a digital world.

The CSGA Cyber Crime Task Force is a unique partnership between players from the academic world, the public authorities, and the private sector to join forces in the fight against cybercrime. Currently, more than 100 key players from across multiple sectors are active members contributing to the CSGA Cyber Task Force coalition’s mission and objectives. As a member of the CSGA Cyber Task Force, you become part of a cross-sector community, which provides a trusted environment for the exchange of non-public expertise and information. Our mission is to bolster North America's cyber security resilience by building a strong cyber security ecosystem at the international level. We do so by bringing together the skills and expertise of the academic world, the private sector, and public authorities on a trust-based platform aimed at fostering information exchange and implementing joint actions. We focus on eight strategic domains: ~ Experience Sharing ~ Sharing knowledge, best practices, threats & opportunities. ~ Operational Collaboration ~ Peer-to-peer collaboration within a trusted community. ~ Policies Recommendations ~ Issuing recommendations for more efficient policies and guidelines. ~ Raising Awareness ~ Campaigns to raise awareness amongst citizens and organizations.

Industry: Public Policy Offices
Company size: 51-200 employees
Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario
Founded: 2022

Our Specialties: Cybersecurity, Cyber Defense, Law Enforcement, Government, Task Force, Operations, Policy, Cyber Education, Cyber Certification, Live and Online Meetings, Networking, Cyber Attacks, Governance, Incident Management / Incident Command, Public Safety, Rapid Response, Edtech, Interoperability, and Cyberlaw

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